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Koperasi Usahawan BiGDee Selangor Berhad, KUBSB was incorporated on 28th November 2005 under the excellent leadership of Mr. BiGDee himself.

Dynamism perseveres in KUBSB with all cooperative activities started three years ahead of its incorporation; and all members are actively involved in all its economics endearvours; and our choice of businesses are in-trend with the present business environment.

One of the most exclusive business is BiGDee Beauty House and Spa in Shah Alam, offering therapeutic "Mandian" or bath from BiGDee's family secret concoctions; "Urutan" or BiGDee Full Body massage by our well-trained physiotherapist; and BiGDee Punch of spicy exotic drinks which have beauty and healing benefits.

Our Engineering team involved in Research and Development, developing Security & Automation System via SMS. After completion and tested, we are selling the system outright.

Our DeeSnipers focused in Arts and Photography Academy.

KUBSB aspires to be different, with new generation of resilient Malays as the core players in all its business entrepreneurship.

                        'To Love is to care and to Care we must Share'